It Takes A Tsunami

    “From success to failure is one step; from failure to success is a long road” Yiddish Proverb

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    Israeli teachers' racist WhatsApp chat caught by pupils

    Ethiopian Jews in Israel have long integrated but many still suffer discrimination. Israel's education minister has apologised to Ethiopian Israeli schoolgirls whose teachers mocked them in a WhatsApp group on a school trip.

    Fox In The Henhouse

    Makhanda High Court, established in 1864, is one of the oldest superior courts in South Africa. So why do some attorneys avoid it? A seemingly straightforward claim to the Road Accident Fund by Wendy Tetani (57) could offer some…

    An open letter to President Joe R Biden

    Julian Assange is not a Political Prisoner, but a Political Hostage who should be set free.

    The Cost of Defamation to Newsrooms

    Pageantry catwalk at its worst… skulduggery and the works. Token Board of Directors… being a web-based director isn’t women empowerment. Who is pulling the strings?

    Putin’s Peekaboo Moment

    When President Joe Biden quit Afghanistan, the American Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) decried the impact the withdrawal would have on their bottom lines. Then an opening surfaced in Ukraine. The COVID-19 pandemic and the suffering…

    Still Standing

    She was the go-to person for all sorts of background information for South Africa’s social and corporate world stretching decades from her earlier life in Johannesburg, to Southern Cape and ultimately Cape Town whereat she died…

    An Open Letter to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (VVP)

    Do you really want to be the boogeyman that would be used to scare kids into eating their broccoli. "kido, if you don't eat that, we will open doors and windows for Putin!"

    Barry's Soup

    It only took 17 months for Barry’s Soup Kitchen to serve over a million meals to the Pandemic induced hunger. As the country starts reopening, the benefactors of this scheme have become addicts and aren’t planning to stop anytime…

    Insurance: uSpiked Public Service Announcement

    “Insurance companies are not in the business of paying out claims” is a mantra of eminent forensic scientist Dr David Klatzow. Companies often find that micro-dot of a reason to repudiate your claim. It's been exactly eight weeks…

    Judicial Candidacy and the Judas Goat

    If it smells like kak, look about for a leaking sewer. While DCJ Zondo is trying to crack the vault of state capture, there seems to be another capture right within the judiciary? Would we need another DCJ to investigate?

    Law and Order

    Though it is sometimes prudent to be silent, it doesn't mean you are deaf. Most occasions demand of all of us to be heard. Thank you, Prince!.