Barry's Soup

    To Woolly’s shoppers they may just be groceries, but turning them into a million meals in seventeen months for the hungry was not such a small task for Barry’s ICT and Woolworths.

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    Insurance: uSpiked Public Service Announcement

    “Insurance companies are not in the business of paying out claims” is a mantra of eminent forensic scientist Dr David Klatzow. Companies often find that micro-dot of a reason to repudiate your claim. It's been exactly eight weeks…

    Judicial Candidacy and the Judas Goat

    If it smells like kak, look about for a leaking sewer. While DCJ Zondo is trying to crack the vault of state capture, there seems to be another capture right within the judiciary? Would we need another DCJ to investigate?

    Law and Order

    Though it is sometimes prudent to be silent, it doesn't mean you are deaf. Most occasions demand of all of us to be heard. Thank you, Prince!.

    COVID-19 Vaccine Wars

    Section 12(2)(c) of South African Constitution: Everyone has the right to bodily and psychological integrity, which includes the right … (c) not to be subjected to medical or scientific experiments without their informed consent.

    An Unfair Start for Learners in Poor Schools

    Sine qua non-stand-up! For parents of private schools, being given a stationery shopping list is as normal as driving to work. But for public schools, it’s a shocker. For parents who believe in education being the only route out…


    A lying fake professor from a fake organization with fake members attempts to sway the undecided on vaccines through falsehood and share in the vaccine loot.

    DORP: The bubble on the hill

    The hotel industry is among the hardest hit by the covid-19 pandemic and some insiders say it could take up to three years to recover.

    Broken New Year’s Resolution

    Happy New 2021. Having resolved earlier this morning neither write nor speak anything about Donald Trump this year, I must apologize for failing so soon. I just couldn’t help it.

    It's Joe

    For five years, President Donald Nobody-ever-done-this-before Trump has succeeded in hypnotizing some American voters. Would the hypnosis effect end any time soon? With his present claims of electoral mass fraud without evidence.…

    Oriental Squid Rush

    Next time you visit that seafood restaurant, before digging into that squid dish, take a moment and ask whether any North Korean fisherman could have died in the process of dragging the squids from the oceans. While at it think…

    Is President Donald J Trump a Racist?

    An easy task, crowning Coronavirus President of the year. it has been a slam dunk. Our countries that he once called shithole, have somehow managed to maintain relatively lower numbers of Cory deaths than Trump's America. And…