Unstoppable Monsanto

Glyphosate controversy: WHO's International Agency for Research and Cancer says glyphosate, the world's most widely applied herbicide and the active ingredient is Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, is probably carcinogenic

Nespresso’s Waste Lost in the System

Is Nespresso’s coffee capsule recycling programme the weakest link in the Swiss food and beverage company’s claimed ‘sustainability’ agenda? Using a simple technology, we put the claim to the test.

Nespresso Responds

The indefensible; small, smaller and the smallest lies. Nespresso’s response is hollowed by data from a returned tracker.

GM Crops in Africa: Who Stands To Benefit?

Will biotech industry eventually hold the African farmer hostage? Experts in this report concur there could hardly be a more effective form of colonialism than GMOs, which are touted as one of the answers to global food security.