The Goldilocks Dilemma

    Like the porridge in Goldilocks famous fable, one hardworking city cop found he couldn’t be ‘too hot’ at his job

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    The Cancer Dialogue

    Healthcare is a team sport – here is why doctors should polish communication skills with their patients.

    Steven Anderson - Persona Non Grata

    American self-proclaimed pastor Steven Anderson joins an increasing number of western evangelists that are fanning anti-gay sentiments across the world.

    Blood In Their Hands

    Did Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin, ever imagine a scenario where deliberate, profit-driven underdosing would be a contributing factor to antibiotic resistance?

    Predatory Pharmaceuticals

    Hard facts and solid data prove how some pharmaceutical companies continue to line their bank accounts behind a wall of secrecy and deep conspiracies to rig public tenders

    What Price a Pound of Flesh?

    “I think a certain commitment to the public good has vanished in the race for circulation… The kind of investigative journalism, which I think is the absolute essence, is in danger and, in fact, in many places has vanished.” -…

    Protection or Enthnopiracy?

    Is government protecting the traditional medicine knowledge of our Indigenous people, or imposing a state-run ethnopiracy scheme for big pharma and the biotech Industry?

    Big Pharma in Ransom Tender

    There is less mystery about why big pharma is successfully holding the department of health to ransom, uSpiked Investigative Team reveals.

    Baddies Gone Bonkers

    Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten did not back off when a rich US multinational company didn’t like what he had to say about its bad behaviour in poor countries

    The Big Plunder of Resources

    Resource-dependent developing countries are left heavily impoverished as trillions of dollars illicitly flow out. But who is looking for a plan to stop the haemorrhage?

    Unstoppable Monsanto

    Glyphosate controversy: WHO's International Agency for Research and Cancer says glyphosate, the world's most widely applied herbicide and the active ingredient is Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, is probably carcinogenic

    Grabbing the Roots

    In the seemingly lawless frontier of bioresources, squabbles over who has the right to profit from knowledge and wealth have escalated. Image: GreenLITers

    Behind Kapa’s Multi-billion Rand Covert Sale

    Following the money: - the aftermath of experts’ failure to identify the company’s ‘real estate’ during valuation. How many more were victimized during the divorce and subsequent acquisition?