The Battle for Rich Views

    PULLING THE STRINGS: Do good outcomes justify improper means? Desperate to stop a development they deem out of place, some entities are accepting what appears to be free lunch. But how free is it!

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    Tokyo Sexwale, Were the Guptas Worth It?

    After lying down with dogs for over a decade, does the former Apprentice SA host want the public to believe he is not now getting up without fleas? Like his American Apprentice counterpart, Tokyo Sexwale seems to know so well…

    Housing Wars

    Proper housing can immediately improve the quality of life for millions of people living in shacks like these. Poor people desire reliable, basic services such as water and sanitation, and security and safety for their families.

    Cape Town: A Divided City

    Apartheid may have ended 23 years ago, but years of forced segregation seems to have boxed our people permanently. Who’s to blame for the persistent slumber?

    The Men of Fake Cancer Cure

    As they turn the rising number of cancer cases into dollars, we reveal the key players at the top of the #FakeCancerCure Pyramid and the rented experts who sign off on their questionable claims.

    We Shall Not Be Cowed

    uSpiked will continue with its demands for appropriate protection of cancer patients against peddlers of fake cures. We stand by the revelation that Photosoft and NGPDT are fraudulent.

    Cancer Profiteers

    Refuse to be victimised again after your cancer diagnosis. We call on you to out predatory profiteers seeking to benefit from your desperation. Help stop the smooth-talking snake-oil salespeople.

    The Chronic Wounds: Money-spinner!

    This new series will examine the costs and associated burdens of improper clinical and medical practices from ‘snake-oil’ suppliers to surgeons who are too fast and reckless with their scalpels.

    Disruptive Developers

    In the scramble for the most precious resource – water – ‘some animals are more equal than others’. Municipalities are left unable to plan adequately as some grab more than their authorised shares of services.

    Lighting Paths Within Noises

    A truly deserving winner, Suzanne Venter with Justice Malala: Venter’s story on Esidimeni deaths of the mentally ill patients published by Rapport scooped the 2017 Taco Kuiper Awards.

    Clutching At Straws

    You don’t dive into the ocean if you cannot swim; trust me I know this for a fact. And unless you are on a death wish, you don’t dive into shark-infested waters period.

    Roundup – To Drink Or Not To Drink

    TRUTH OR DARE: William Henry Gates III, uSpiked dares you to publicly disown your past and present association with Monsanto and its Roundup. We shall grant you the platform to do so. Alternatively, you can pick a friendly media…

    Glyphosate: Monsanto & EPA Under The Scope

    Questions about EPA-Monsanto collusion raised in cancer lawsuits. If public officials can easily collude with big corporations, to whom should the public turn?