We Shall Not Be Cowed

uSpiked will continue with its demands for appropriate protection of cancer patients against peddlers of fake cures. We stand by the revelation that Photosoft and NGPDT are fraudulent.

Cancer Profiteers

Refuse to be victimised again after your cancer diagnosis. We call on you to out predatory profiteers seeking to benefit from your desperation. Help stop the smooth-talking snake-oil salespeople.

Disruptive Developers

In the scramble for the most precious resource – water – ‘some animals are more equal than others’. Municipalities are left unable to plan adequately as some grab more than their authorised shares of services.

Roundup – To Drink Or Not To Drink

TRUTH OR DARE: William Henry Gates III, uSpiked dares you to publicly disown your past and present association with Monsanto and its Roundup. We shall grant you the platform to do so. Alternatively, you can pick a friendly media…

Rogue Tenderers: Treasury Drops the Gavel

Suppliers of pharmaceutical products are put on notice as Treasury moves to close loopholes in public procurement

State of Capture

The office of the Public Protector has released the much-anticipated report on allegations of state capture

The Goldilocks Dilemma

Like the porridge in Goldilocks famous fable, one hardworking city cop found he couldn’t be ‘too hot’ at his job.

Steven Anderson - Persona Non Grata

American self-proclaimed pastor Steven Anderson joins an increasing number of western evangelists that are fanning anti-gay sentiments across the world.

The Big Plunder of Resources

Resource-dependent developing countries are left heavily impoverished as trillions of dollars illicitly flow out. But who is looking for a plan to stop the haemorrhage?

Grabbing the Roots

In the seemingly lawless frontier of bioresources, squabbles over who has the right to profit from knowledge and wealth have escalated. Image: GreenLITers

Behind Kapa’s Multi-billion Rand Covert Sale

Following the money: - the aftermath of experts’ failure to identify the company’s ‘real estate’ during valuation. How many more were victimized during the divorce and subsequent acquisition?

A Few Good Ones Among Compromised Politicians

In the US, a bitter fight looms over a sham GMO labelling bill drafted by lobbyists for some compromised politicians.