Keyboard Fraudsters Running Amok

When the deal is too good, pause and think twice. The Pandemic however disrupted that thought process and thousands have been left victimized. Those seemingly great brands have allowed their brands to be used to facilitate fraud…

Insurance: uSpiked Public Service Announcement

“Insurance companies are not in the business of paying out claims” is a mantra of eminent forensic scientist Dr David Klatzow. Companies often find that micro-dot of a reason to repudiate your claim. It's been exactly eight weeks…

Cancer Profiteers

Refuse to be victimised again after your cancer diagnosis. We call on you to out predatory profiteers seeking to benefit from your desperation. Help stop the smooth-talking snake-oil salespeople.

A Few Good Ones Among Compromised Politicians

In the US, a bitter fight looms over a sham GMO labelling bill drafted by lobbyists for some compromised politicians.

The Doctor Who Killed Me

Nobody warned Professor Noel L. Griese about the risks of Amiodarone and that he did not need it to control a non-threatening heart condition.

Caveat Emptor: Cheap is Not Always Cheap

The National Home Builders Registration Council provides a comprehensive guide for people planning to employ contractors to build or renovate their homes.

SAFPS: Who holds the purse strings?

The only consumer watchdog for errant credit providers in South Africa is increasingly finding itself running out of breath, as banks collude to become a law unto themselves.