Fox In The Henhouse

Makhanda High Court, established in 1864, is one of the oldest superior courts in South Africa. So why do some attorneys avoid it? A seemingly straightforward claim to the Road Accident Fund by Wendy Tetani (57) could offer some…

The Cost of Defamation to Newsrooms

Pageantry catwalk at its worst… skulduggery and the works. Token Board of Directors… being a web-based director isn’t women empowerment. Who is pulling the strings?

The Flat Earth Science

The inventor of '#FakeCancerCures' tells a Brisbane Court; “Photosoft and NGPDT are experimental treatments. I am aware that they have been presented to both prospective customers (patients) and investors as such.” But available…

On a Tight Leash

The reputation of the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa has suffered recently, in part because of reports on its financial crisis and court actions brought by non-members.

Convicted Serial Child Rapist Finally Gets Jailed

A rapist who repeatedly attacked his minor stepdaughter in Johannesburg will remain in jail for a long time after court ruled his original sentence was too lenient.

The Tuscan Wannabe Mobster

Old habit die hard. Supposedly in hiding, Plett’s wealthy lifestyle becomes too tempting for a master swindler, Charles HD Cornwall. This time he lays claims on another man’s daughter.

How a Convicted Sex Pest has Eluded Jail

Is the law failing rape victims? The fact that the rapist in this story is roaming free is quite disturbing and sends the wrong message to sex offenders. Who dropped the ball in this case?

Raiders of The Tomb (Part III)

In this installment in a series of our stories on larceny of a deceased estate by executives of FNB Trust Services, beneficiary, Analize van Tonder embarks on a quest for truth and justice.