Unnecessary Violence

A pressing ethical question arises in the tumultuous landscape of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: How to hold Hamas responsible for its actions without harming the innocent children of Gaza who may not fully understand its ideology.

Putin’s Peekaboo Moment

When President Joe Biden quit Afghanistan, the American Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) decried the impact the withdrawal would have on their bottom lines. Then an opening surfaced in Ukraine. The COVID-19 pandemic and the suffering…

Oriental Squid Rush

Next time you visit that seafood restaurant, before digging into that squid dish, take a moment and ask whether any North Korean fisherman could have died in the process of dragging the squids from the oceans. While at it think…

Roundup – To Drink Or Not To Drink

TRUTH OR DARE: William Henry Gates III, uSpiked dares you to publicly disown your past and present association with Monsanto and its Roundup. We shall grant you the platform to do so. Alternatively, you can pick a friendly media…

Unsolicited Letter to Marius Llewellyn Fransman

‘Honey trap’ conspiracy or not, here is what we now expect from you. Are you an ideal leader, Mr. Fransman?

European Union Fails To Protect Journalists

To demand press freedom in repressive states of the world, the EU must do more to uphold and protect the rights of journalists at home

Corruption At The United Nations

The tenth Principle of the United Nations pledges to tackle corruption in all its forms, but does it exclude graft within the organisation that shamelessly buries heinous crimes committed by staff and contractors?

Emanuel Mansari: Determined to Live

At seventeen Emanuel had all the reasons to defeat Ebola, and he did. But then staff at a treatment centre - run by an Italian NGO - curiously administered a cocktail of anesthetics, with fatal consequence.

UNHCR: Above Morals

At UN's high command, it's dinner as usual, but lower down, protected by diplomatic immunity, staff are a law onto themselves... Kenya’s government recently stopped recruitment of domestic workers to the United Arab Emirates pending…

SAHRC: Cats and Bags

Did an operative at the South African Human Rights Commission doctor the report they had prepared on the request of a Western High Court judge on possible human trafficking?

Human Trafficking (Part III)

Human trafficking is a multibillion-dollar industry. No country can claim to be safe… Unbridled complicity of some guardians of the law and human rights is seemingly fueling trafficking rackets.

Human Trafficking (Part II)

‘Exotic dancers’ at strip clubs don’t usually run to the police to report infringement of their rights. But one Take-No-Crap Judge refused to wait for the cases to be reported to the police.

Human Trafficking (Part I)

Human rights abuses such as of a young Russian woman lured to Cape Town and forced into prostitution seem ‘inevitable’. The big questions now are: Why are we talking slavery in the 21st Century? How can we end the vice?