DA’s Foot & Mouth Disease

“When people show you who they are, believe them.” Maya Angelo, A song Flung Up To Heaven.

Still Standing

She was the go-to person for all sorts of background information for South Africa’s social and corporate world stretching decades from her earlier life in Johannesburg, to Southern Cape and ultimately Cape Town whereat she died…

Barry's Soup

It only took 17 months for Barry’s Soup Kitchen to serve over a million meals to the Pandemic induced hunger. As the country starts reopening, the benefactors of this scheme have become addicts and aren’t planning to stop anytime…

Law and Order

Though it is sometimes prudent to be silent, it doesn't mean you are deaf. Most occasions demand of all of us to be heard. Thank you, Prince!.

Ubuntu Lives in Mickey Linda

One soup kitchen in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, is proving that it doesn’t require much to help the unfortunate

The Cancer Dialogue

Healthcare is a team sport – here is why doctors should polish communication skills with their patients.

Tough Times Ahead For Farmers

Jan Coetzee is determined to turn Bon Mella Estate into a very profitable dairy business. His secret: producing high-value milk products

The Business Of Condoms

The success of South Africa's only condom manufacturer proves condoms ought to be made where they are needed most in Africa

Men of Dignity

As their respective dates with death neared, they never hid or sought excuses. They faced their fates on their own terms, all the while seeking means to help others do the same.

The Righteous and Worthy

Selflessly and without needing laws to compel them, they forego luxurious lifestyles to serve humanity. They are the Righteous and Worthy amongst us

From America With Love and Care

The business of philanthropy is challenging, just like the problems it tries to solve. One American scriptwriter decided to use his smarts and connections to help attack poverty - one of South Africa’s and Africa’s big crises.