It Takes A Tsunami

Effective communication during a business scandal is crucial for managing public perception. However, organizations often make the mistake of providing insufficient or inconsistent information. This can lead to confusion and distrust…

Justice for the Highest Bidder

The rise of costly and biased expert witnesses is increasingly determining who accesses justice.

Economists Missing The Point

“Why is Africa poor?” is a common question in many circles, giving the impression that the region has always had a growth deficit to be explained

Agent Storm: My Life Inside al-Qaeda

For years Morten Storm moved between two worlds and two identities – as an agent for Western intelligence and a sworn member of al-Qaeda.

The threat of modern Islamist terrorism

Is terrorism the greatest threat to security today? uSpiked interviewed CNN journalist, Tim Lister, to find out the answer to this and other worrying issues arising out of the growing global jihadist movement.

The Clucking of Chickens

He has refused to be intimidated… He has refused to be driven away... He is a professional on a mission. When he turns his spotlight towards your direction, pray there be no skeletons in your secret closets ready to tell tales.…

Nothing Left To Steal

As he concludes his no-holdback memoir, the multi-award winning investigative journalist grants us a glimpse into the bankruptcy within the profession of journalism. It’s not a financial one, but professional bankruptcy where…