uSpiked Investigative Journalism Fellowship


Our story

Since inception, uSpiked’s main goal has been to focus on providing and amplifying the voices of those who would otherwise not be heard. To achieve this, we employ investigative, informative and advocacy journalism. It is not just a matter of telling the greatest stories; we make it our mission to effect positive changes in society.

The main question we ask ourselves when deciding what story to tell is, is it in the public’s interest? There is no clear gauge for measuring this except listening to the issues of the weaker members of the society … those who have been failed by the people in power.

With the growing population and injustices around the world, more skilled and fearless investigative journalists are needed. Thus it is important to share the skills and techniques that are continuously being perfected by our team and many other professionals who are working hard to encourage good governance, accountability and transparency.

In the words of our editor, Mark Thomas; “Knowledge belongs to the world. There is no point to knowledge if we can’t share it.”

Our Internship Programme

Convened by uSpiked Media Trust, our Internship Programme has been made possible through a grant from Bertha Foundation and resources sourced from Investigative Reporters & Editor Inc.

The programme is a year-long practical enhancement of skills in investigative journalism aimed to facilitate sharing of modern investigative journalism skills and techniques and to grow a pool of investigative journalists in the continent.

The programme introduces the candidates to computer-assisted-reporting, data journalism, and cultivation and management of information, and sources. The candidates enjoy mentorship and supervision by our experienced team of journalists.

If you are passionate for justice, can boldly hold those in authority accountable and are willing to work long and odd hours, we would be keen to consider sharing our skills, techniques and some of the best investigative journalism tools available. The scope of what you can learn and do with us is limitless, and priceless.

The next programme will run from October 2017 to September 2018.

How to apply

While the acceptance for current programme is now closed, to apply for the 2017/2018 programme, send a letter of motivation of not more than 800 words outlining why you are the right candidate and how a uSpiked internship would fit in your career trajectory. Anyone is welcome to apply. Send your application to